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"We should write a movie!”. Neither one of us could tell you which person said that in the winter of 2004, but whoever said it kicked off a cinematic journey that has been going ever since.


We are storytellers. Call it a gift and a curse of creativity. But it’s who we are. After working on a collection of short films in college, we set out to create a video production based in our hometown of Dayton, Ohio. It was important for us to stay here and work with the immense talent that the Midwest has to offer, while also collaborating with other filmmakers around the country.


Since 2008, we have worked on a collection of engaging short films and web series. We also serve our community by providing affordable, high-quality wedding, non-profit, and corporate video content. Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to help you share it.


Looking forward, our goal is to expand our filmmaking endeavors by producing feature length content while also partnering with other filmmakers to help them produce their content as well. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and we genuinely enjoy working with others to not only help share their content, but also showcase how talented the filmmaking community of Ohio is. FIlm has a global community, and we want the world to know how talented the state of Ohio is.




Anthony has been writing stories forever and worked across multiple facets of filmmaking. Whether it be the improv he did in high school, or the bits of acting he did in college, he’s always appreciated the craft of storytelling and cinema. 


After obtaining his MBA from Miami University, he has focused his efforts on the producing side of filmmaking. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see him behind the camera from time to time and on set with his fellow cast and crew mates. But the group has seen a need for various types of producing activities in the area (line production, business plans, contracts, etc.), so that’s where Anthony’s primary focus is.


When he’s not reading or writing screenplays, his focus is typically on the changes happening in the filmmaking work from the business perspective. Everything has changed substantially in the past few years, and he wants to be able to help filmmakers navigate the waters as he and Greg do the same with their projects.



Graduating from the University of Tennessee with a concentration in creative writing, Greg has been using his skills for the past 13 years in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. 


Working with local companies, as well as teaching at the University of Dayton, Greg has been able to expand his experience working in multiple mediums and understanding how to craft the perfect story to connect with the audience.

Realizing the value of emotional connections, besides teaching students the importance of story in filmmaking, Greg has continued to work as a writer and director in various projects – both for Trinity and for other productions.

Having written multiple scripts along the years with Anthony, Greg has kept to the grind building his knowledge and skillset as a filmmaker.  Appreciating these years of dedication to build a network, pay bills and give back to the community, the experience learned has helped Greg enhance his skills needed to be a successful storyteller.

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