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Over the course of nearly 20 years, Anthony and Greg having been working on and developing many projects that they have held on to in the hopes to carry over into production.  Here are a list of some of those projects that are in various stages of development.



Psychological Horror


Waking in a dark desolate pit with six strangers, a worn out middle aged man tries to help the group escape before they are all lost forever.

Check out this projects Proof of Concept

Poster Art by Andy Nick



Vivid Shadows

Psychological Horror

After a series of freak accidents occur, a disgruntled detective discovers a link to an unsuspecting witness.

Greatest Show on Earth

In a small town, where everyone knows each other's secrets, the circus arrives to bring excitement.  Only, this circus is not of this world. 




Little Speilberg


While dealing with the challenges of class bullies and an unsupportive father, an ambitious young filmmaker attempts to make a film for his school talent show.

Black Friday

Comedy Horror

An irresponsible husband struggles to rescue his wife as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse during Black Friday.

I'm on a Boat

After being dumped by his long term girlfriend, a college senior tries to find a way to win his girlfriend back among the chaos of the party weekend. 


Christmas Away

Family Comedy

Recently retiring and downsizing his home, a father plans a trip away from home to bring his family together for the holidays.

Taking the Fall

Family Comedy

Planning to hand in his two weeks notice, a shy teenager trying to fit in is pressured by his manager to stay on board and save the local movie theater before it closes forever.



Thriller Suspense

After a night gone wrong, a man on parole must retrace his steps and piece together a crime before the police find out.


Family Comedy

Pro Shop

To honor his late father’s wish of hosting a PGA tour event, a newly appointed general manager of a run down golf course clashes with the new mayor who wants to develop the land.


Letters of 

After a mysterious letter appears, an ill-tempered detective and army person struggling with PTSD have to work together to save the country.

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